Message from the President

A message from RITS

For smaller organizations, finding and retaining experienced knowledgeable IT staff at an affordable price is challenging, if not impossible. For medium sized organizations, your current IT staff may be too busy or not have all of the right technical expertise to design and deliver the solutions that you need for your business. Our highly experienced IT consultants can bridge these gaps and implement any type of solution for your organization. We can also recommend and deliver the most ideal solution to resolve any problems that your business is currently facing or just to simply facilitate the growth or stability that is required. We have the knowledge and the experience to effectively provide any IT related solution for your organization.

RITS provides extremely professional and reliable IT support for all organizations. We can outsource your organization with a combination of both onsite and remote services to most effectively support your entire environment. Our support models can easily scale on demand as your business grows without sacrificing customer service or re-inventing the wheel every year. No matter how fast you grow, your technical support team will grow with you. You won’t have to worry about hiring additional contractors or recruiting, training and retaining new administrators or IT staff; instead you can focus on your business. You will always have one of the most experienced IT managers in the industry dedicated specifically to your business. Our team will know and understand your entire computing environment and business inside and out, and can easily solve any problem or prevent any future problems. Our support model changes and evolves as your business grows constantly aligning to meet the current and future needs of your organization.

Our friendly and professionally staffed helpdesk is ideal for organizations that do not currently have their own in-house IT department yet still require fast and reliable first class technical support. We can eliminate problems, downtime and ongoing loss of productivity. Furthermore, we implement full 7x24x365 monitoring of all critical business systems to ensure business continuity at all times – this is a free service to all of our clients!

Last but not least, we can leverage more than 50 years of collective IT experience to provide your business with the absolute most cost effective and robust solutions that we can also easily support and maintain for many years into the future. We will make IT simple, worry free, reliable, effective and economical. That is our commitment to you and your organization.

We can transform your IT environment to “Worry Free”!


I was so impressed with the work you did that I was fortunate enough to be able to hire you to run our IT services.

You have built up a great team of high performers that have excellent technical skills, business skills and people skills.

Your team completely re-built out IT infrastructure and made it very dependable and robust. You introduced new, cost-effective, and extremely practical solutions that helped our business run better. And you did all of this while the company was growing by leaps and bounds.

Your team was part of our team and was never thought of as “just” a contractor.

Hiring RITS was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

It is without hesitation that I recommend RITS to any business looking for a great team of IT professionals to support and help their business.

The service is beyond compare! RITS responds very quickly and professionally. They have invested time and effort to understand our business, which they have married with their own deep knowledge. RITS recommends and provides very cost effective yet highly reliable systems and solutions. Their capacity to support our network, our servers and our desktops is simply "worry free."

RITS has absolutely restored my belief in service, reliability and integrity.

I want to thank you and express out total satisfaction with the overall service we have been receiving from RITS. The staff and I have been very impressed with your response time, technical knowledge and problem solving capabilities of you and your colleagues.

I would be happy to recommend RITS to anyone looking for a high level of professionalism and IT knowledge.

For many years we were plagued by technical issues and problems, no matter who supported our environment. As a business owner, this was not only very frustrating and costly but it also resulted in a loss of productivity. Several years ago we engaged RITS to support our environment. Since then RITS has kept our environment running optimally. Our systems are now stable, secure and efficient.