Case Studies

Some of the many recent success stories

Case Study #1: New Company Setup


A new company has recently been incorporated and requires a corporate presence and a complete infrastructure setup from scratch within a new office space in order to conduct business. Cabling, internet, firewall, servers, network, security, data, email, computers, printers, remote access to the office, domain names and a website are just a few of the requirements. In addition, backups, a Disaster Recovery plan, a Business Continuity plan and corporate IT/computer usage policies were also required. An experienced IT Manager is also required to operate and support all these systems once they are in place and operational.


RITS has been engaged by new businesses on several occasions, and several times we have been asked to start up a new company from scratch. We can quickly setup an entire corporate office from scratch with computers and software ready to go including a complete secure and easy to use computing architecture, servers, firewalls, data, offsite backups, printing, email, mobile devices, VPNs, cloud services and remote access to the office or branch offices. Once everything was setup and running according to best practices, we then also managed and supported the entire system. We even supply the senior IT manager, full monitoring of the systems and a knowledgeable helpdesk where users can phone, email or create a support ticket and get immediate assistance. The entire process and built systems were documented in full, as were the policies, procedures, backup regimes, DR and BCM plans, resulting in a fully operational, easily manageable and recoverable business IT infrastructure.

Case Study #2: IT Rescue


A medium sized energy company has a small IT group which supports them, the company’s business needs have recently outgrown the knowledge and experience that the IT group can provide them. Many things are going wrong, never getting fixed, the infrastructure has become plagued with problems and is unreliable. The employees are frustrated, have lost productivity, lost emails, applications and services that don’t work and sometimes even missing or lost data.


We are often asked to step in and resolve issues where other IT services companies are failing. We have the tools and the experience to quickly assess any corporate IT environment, provide insight into issues, problems, misconfigurations and provide long term roadmaps to bring the company back to a supportable and stable architecture. We were recently contracted to provide an assessment for a medium sized company where we quickly and thoroughly reviewed the entire architecture of the company and all of its branch locations. We determined where the risks were located, we found where the single points of failure were, we documented all the risks and misconfigurations and provided an easy to read detailed summary as to how to fix them. The roadmap we formulated was subsequently implemented, we reconfigured the architecture and the ongoing problems immediately disappeared. Within a few short weeks, the entire environment transitioned from unreliable and problematic to become a very stable, secure, redundant, predictable and easily manageable system. The company was then able to completely focus on their business instead of fighting ongoing IT issues. In this case the right people with the right knowledge came together, assessed the situation, identified the problems and then applied the right solutions to transform a problem plagued network into a worry free network.

Case Study #3: Acquisition


A large energy company acquires or merges with another company and they both have dissimilar systems, dissimilar processes and IT staff that are unfamiliar with the newly acquired company, unfamiliar with integration processes and are unable to properly facilitate the acquisition due to knowledge and time constraints.


This scenario is a perfect example of what RITS can do, and we have every successfully executed many of these types of situations on in the past – and on a very large scale. Recently, we were asked by a large enterprise Oil & Gas company to facilitate the acquisition and integration of another medium sized company that they recently purchased. We were able to work with all of the various IT groups and business groups and architect, design and execute a solution that combined all of the necessary components (servers, users, applications, networks, data, databases, security, backups, remote access, remote connections, VPNs, email and messaging, documentation, etc.) in a seamless manner so that both companies could operate as a single unified corporation.

Case Study #4: Divestiture


A large Oil and Gas company sold part of its assets and operations for $2.2 billion and required the operations and the IT infrastructure related to the divestiture to be split off and spun into a fully functional and operational, independently owned “turn-key” company. The new company also required full documentation, policies, procedures, backups, Business Continuity plans, Disaster Recovery plans, backup systems, support, an IT department, a helpdesk and an IT manager.


We assessed the environment, put together a large project plan, worked with the IT staff and business staff and over several weeks we built a fully functional independently owned and operated company. We sequentially migrated and tested all of the necessary services, assets, data, email, databases, networks, VPNs, accounts, service agreements, Licenses, vendor support, security and all other associated technologies to produce a fully functional independent business with 120 employees with a fully functional IT department and helpdesk.

Case Study #5: Head Office Move


A large retail store with dozens of locations across Canada had a requirement to move their head office including their entire data center to a new location in another city. Since they had stores open 7 days a week and also had Point of Sales originating at each of those locations, this move required zero downtime in order to accommodate the business needs.


We completed a detailed infrastructure assessment for the head office and all Point of Sale locations; analyzing all aspects of the business and the current IT solutions and operations. We were called upon to develop a solution whereby we could relocate the entire operations with zero downtime and therefore zero impact to the business while at the same time allow for the relocation of the datacenter and resolve many other shortcomings within their current infrastructure. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity were also key drivers which needed to be incorporated into this overall solution. We were able to develop the entire project plan, then implement and execute a unique relocation strategy satisfying all key business drivers and at the same time delivering a new enterprise class solution. The overall solution included migrating all of their servers and data from older unreliable technology to a highly available redundant virtualization platform and SAN solution. We built and a replica of their current environment at the new location and sequentially migrate all services and data until we had identical systems in the different locations. this extremely complex technical solution resulting in virtually no downtime for the client and no technical issues or business disruptions during or after the move was completed. The end result was that 30 servers, hundreds of services, 6 TB of data, many databases, many desktops, networks, VPNs, security and all associated technologies were moved and migrated with zero downtime for the business.

Case Study #6: Security Breach / Misconfigurations


A small engineering company was receiving complaints from several of its clients, apparently their email system was spamming these clients continuously for several days with large attachments, effectively causing their own email server to crash as well as causing their client’s servers to crash. Their own IT staff could not find the problem, even after two days of trying.


We were onsite within 30 minutes of receiving this call – even though this was a cold call and not one of our regular clients. We were told by the company that it must be some sort of a virus. We arrived, investigated and analysed the situation, we quickly found the root cause, resolved the problem within 2 hours and also put proactive measures in place to prevent any occurrences in the future. The root cause was a misconfiguration on a free-ware firewall that they were using in their office. An engineer had emailed a large attachment (10MB) to a distribution list of 20 people, one person on the distribution list had an incorrect address. The firewall received a failure to deliver notice and tried to resend the message and attachment, and kept doing so every 5 minutes resending the message to all 20 people (every 5 minutes in perpetuity), as this was what the firewall was programmed to do. After quickly resolving the issue, we also eventually replaced and reconfigured the firewall and many other items in the environment so that everything was configured according to best practices. We also put appropriate monitoring systems, notification systems and failsafe systems in place to prevent this issue and any other issues. The critical importance of the right products, the right IT staff, and the right configurations can not be understated when it comes to operating and protecting your business.

Case Study #7: Enterprise Email Communications


A large enterprise Oil & Gas company had a need to upgrade their worldwide email and messaging system to a newer platform with newer features and better performance as their current system was becoming obsolete and difficult to maintain/support. The new requirements included a much faster email system, capable of handling much more data and a way to automatically archive older emails in order to preserve storage space and offload resources from their server architecture.


RITS assessed the current environment, detailed and categorized the deficiencies and put together a migration strategy that satisfied all of the identified business requirements, then executed the documented strategy. Working directly with Microsoft, we were able to build a brand new multi-site / multi-city email system with new features, better performance, better redundancy and failover and were able to seamlessly migrate all the worldwide users onto the new system without any outages or downtime.


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I was so impressed with the work you did that I was fortunate enough to be able to hire you to run our IT services.

You have built up a great team of high performers that have excellent technical skills, business skills and people skills.

Your team completely re-built out IT infrastructure and made it very dependable and robust. You introduced new, cost-effective, and extremely practical solutions that helped our business run better. And you did all of this while the company was growing by leaps and bounds.

Your team was part of our team and was never thought of as “just” a contractor.

Hiring RITS was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

It is without hesitation that I recommend RITS to any business looking for a great team of IT professionals to support and help their business.

The service is beyond compare! RITS responds very quickly and professionally. They have invested time and effort to understand our business, which they have married with their own deep knowledge. RITS recommends and provides very cost effective yet highly reliable systems and solutions. Their capacity to support our network, our servers and our desktops is simply "worry free."

RITS has absolutely restored my belief in service, reliability and integrity.

I want to thank you and express out total satisfaction with the overall service we have been receiving from RITS. The staff and I have been very impressed with your response time, technical knowledge and problem solving capabilities of you and your colleagues.

I would be happy to recommend RITS to anyone looking for a high level of professionalism and IT knowledge.

For many years we were plagued by technical issues and problems, no matter who supported our environment. As a business owner, this was not only very frustrating and costly but it also resulted in a loss of productivity. Several years ago we engaged RITS to support our environment. Since then RITS has kept our environment running optimally. Our systems are now stable, secure and efficient.