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managing technology for nearly 20 years

About RITS

Making IT Easy

RITS was founded in 2002 and has quickly grown to become a premiere boutique managed IT services company for small and medium sized businesses. We consistently design, build and maintain IT systems to the highest possible standards - systems that simply just work 24x7x365. We specialize in remote IT management and support and we can easily fully support almost any IT system anywhere in the world from our offices.


All systems we build or configure are stable, fast, secure, reliable and cost-effective; providing essentially zero issues and zero downtime for your business and your employees. This provides not only a significant cost savings but also peace of mind knowing that your business will always operate optimally and will always be available with absolutely no issues. We believe that our clients should always be able to completely concentrate on their core business without having any IT related frustrations or disruptions - and that's what we deliver.

RITS provides a wide range of IT services including IT Managed Services, IT Infrastructure, IT Consulting, IT Strategy, IT Cloud and IT Disaster Avoidance. We can design and build you an entirely new infrastructure from scratch or just take what you have and make it work better. Our decades of experience, unique processes, framework, expertise, proactive monitoring and proprietary software all combine to give your business the best possible technology and support available. We have consistently done this for all businesses of all sizes and across all industries. You will never have to worry about your systems again. Nothing is too complex or challenging for us! 

Isn't it time your business enjoyed a complete solid and dependable end to end IT system with zero issues?

The RITS way

IT systems that just work

Our philosophy is easy: build things according to best practices, make them simple, build them to the highest possible standards (not prices), document them, secure them, properly maintain them, monitor them, back them up daily, audit and test them regularly. This combined with a highly experienced team of technical support engineers, a vast network of partnerships and a proven support methodology provides a truly Worry-Free IT environment for your business. We can completely transform your entire failing IT environment into something that is fast, secure and reliable.

RITS will always use the right combination of hardware, software and services to give you the best possible IT infrastructure at the lowest possible cost. We can build you a system that will last you 7 to 10 years without any upgrades, which will save you even further. We have been doing this for over 20 years and every client has been a part of this incredible success story.


Why should you settle for anything less?

Worry-Free IT

Service Delivery Experts

At RITS we are service delivery experts; our entire business focus is on providing our clients with exceptional service. We provide highly qualified experienced IT professionals with extremely fast and friendly service. We get to know your business and understand its critical needs and then we introduce structure so that all business critical systems and data are understood, documented, secure, monitored, redundant, backed up, recoverable and fully supported at all times.

Our complete Worry-Free IT solutions include:

  • senior level management

  • senior level helpdesk, 5 minute wait times (maximum)

  • fully managed IT solutions and services

  • 24x7x365 support from anywhere in the world

  • NOC  (Network Operation Center)

  • SPOC (Single Point Of Contact)

  • dedicated team of highly experienced  consultants

  • fast friendly professional service

  • very competitive fees (always discounted)

  • full procurement services (hardware, software, services)

  • short term contracts, long term contracts, pay as you go

  • IT support models to suite any budget or company size

  • partnerships with over 100 major tech companies

  • we have a network with dozens of top IT professionals

  • remote and onsite technical support

  • consulting services as needed, when needed

  • full systems alerting and monitoring

  • zero problems, zero downtime

  • projects of any size or scope can be accommodated

  • we are also security experts and your systems will always be secure

Call us to TODAY to find out how we can transform your failing IT systems into a Worry-Free IT system.

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