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The RITS Team

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Cory Kopec

Principal, IT Manager, IT Consultant

Cory Kopec started building his knowledge and experience with computer systems, networks and technology in the 1980's while studying at the University of Winnipeg. After finishing his first degree in B.Sc. (4yr Honors) in Math and Physics, Cory went on to study for a M.Sc. in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics. In the 1990's Cory was hired to teach Physics at the University of Winnipeg, during that time he pioneered the computer practicum lab program which quickly revolutionized computer labs and merged theoretical academic science with real practical computerized skills.

In 1999, Cory moved to Calgary where he was an independent IT consultant for dozens of companies, successfully completing many large complex IT projects, managing IT teams, and supporting many different IT systems for various medium and large sized companies. Cory also successfully completed more than 20 professional IT accreditations during this time, quickly becoming a very valuable IT resource for any business that required sound IT experience. In 2002, Cory went on to found RITS and since then RITS has also successfully delivered and supported numerous IT projects and IT systems for many businesses. While most consultants concentrate in one area, Cory has focused his knowledge and learning in all IT areas including desktops, networks, firewalls, VPNs, desktops, servers, storage, applications, virtualization, security, monitoring, management, disaster avoidance, business continuity management, cloud solutions, migrations, acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, remote access, IT strategy, IT governance, quality assurance and service delivery. Cory has also held positions as IT manager/director for several large publicly traded corporations.

Cory and RITS have brought a highly unique and successfull approach to the IT industry combining a wide and deep knowledge of mathematics and physics in combination with IT systems and architecture to provide invaluable consulting services to businesses.


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Cory and RITS have built a great team of high performers that have excellent technical skills, business skills and people skills. Your team completely re-built our entire  IT infrastructure and made it very dependable and robust. You introduced new, cost-effective, and extremely practical solutions that helped our business run better. And you did all of this while the company was growing by leaps and bounds. A job very well done!

CFO, Public Energy Company

RITS has absolutely restored my belief in service, reliability and integrity. I was so impressed with the work you did that I was fortunate enough to be able to hire you to run our entire IT services for our business. It is without hesitation that I recommend RITS to any business looking for a great team of IT professionals to support and help their business succeed. Hiring RITS was one of the best business decisions that I ever made.

CEO, Private Energy Company

For many years we were plagued by technical issues and computer problems, no matter who supported our environment. As a business owner, this was not only very frustrating and costly but it also resulted in a loss of productivity. Several years ago we engaged RITS to support our environment. Since then RITS has kept our environment running optimally. Our systems are now stable, secure, efficient and all problems have disappeared.

Owner, Private Consulting Firm

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